Micro Focus Data Protector: protect and secure your most critical business assets


Predictive data protection in a hybrid IT world with Micro Focus Data Protector

Get an understanding of the data protection demands that organizations are facing actually and how Micro Focus Data Protector can help evolving their strategies to meet the challenges of hybrid IT.

Micro Focus Data Protector is an enterprise grade backup and disaster recovery solution for large, complex, and heterogeneous IT environments. Download a trial license and start to test all the functionalities.

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Why become a partner with Tech Data and Micro Focus?



In the recent years the use of data and business applications have strongly growth becoming very important to run IT operations. 



Tech Data and Micro Focus Data Protector have been partnered together to address customers requests providing flexible solutions thanks to their capability to protect physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid IT environments.



Together we have been providing to the IT market a reliable and automated Enterprise backup software which provides an easy, scalable and reliable backup solution for the most demanding environments.

Download the White Paper

Download the White Paper and learn more about how to improve backup processes making them more efficient and flexible with Micro Focus Data Protector.

Webinar Series

Join us for the Data Protector Webinar Series and learn more about current trends and developments around data protection, data backup and recovery.


Micro Focus Data Protector Licensing Overview

Download the White Paper to learn more about the Micro Focus Data Protector Licensing model.


Micro Focus Data Protector Backup to Cloud

Download the quick reference card to learn more about how to simplify backup management.